Nouver vs kutum pve

Bdo Archer 261 Nouver

There is no hidden mechanic within the encounter and the whole fight is based on your skill, your reaction and on your equipment yet it is no gear check. Once you understood his attacks and have learned his pseudo pattern fighting Ancient Kutum is a great experience that actually makes a lot of fun imho.

Fighting Kutum needs some preparation. You should also buy quite a few HP potions, while all attacks could theoretically be dodged some of his AoEs are quite fast and it is most likely you will be hit now and then.

The elixirs of choice are def. It deals medium damage. Running line of sight will not stop Kutum from attacking but will negate all of the damage if you are line of sight BEFORE he starts the spit animation.

Cleave This is Kutum basic Melee Attack. It is a multi hit attack and the first hit deals most of the damage. With less than DP this attack can easily deal more than 2, damage.

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Before every Cleave Kutum will announce the direction of the hit with an animation. As he is somewhat pent-up before the attack starts the area of damage is not the area his body will touch.

In other words the damage starts further than it looks like and ends earlier than anticipated. Burrow Kutum will burrow himself to jump twice out of the sand to attack his targets. This attack deals extremely high damage combined with a knockdown in a huge area around his emersion and submerge spot.

There are two things that will help you against his Burrow. Classes that can block can basically idle on the spot. Your block will trigger regardless of the direction, however it will deal minor damage if you do not face Kutum straight on but it will not kill you. If both is not working for you try to run out of the chamber until he finished his attack.

nouver vs kutum pve

Emerge After Kutum used his Burrow he will emerge in the middle of the room dealing medium damage around him. Vacuum Kutums strongest and most annoying attack. Please note that this attack is a huge range AoE attack below the center of his head, just standing in Kutums back will not outrange you. The first hit of the Vacuum will deal by far the most damage. If you cannot outrange this attack block or dodge the first hit to survive — blocking is the better and safer option as melee.

Instead of the small AoE he uses on his normal Emerge he will emerge and transform into a Super Saiyen 2. The actual transformation will cause the whole cavern to be damaged by lightning.

You can either use your block if your class is featuring one or you can simply run out of the cavern. He will stay in his transformation until he is dead — all of his attacks will deal more damage from now on and he adds the Lightning Explosion to his attack pattern.

Lightning Explosion Once Kutum goes Super Saiyan 2 he will very occasionally times per fight use this huge AoE attack which will basically cover the whole room but a small area around him. As the animation is different than the Vacuum or Cleave attack it is pretty easy to see and therefore to dodge.

Kutum has a rough two seconds time window between each attack. This is important to know as you are able to do attacks before you have to worry about his attacks again. Using a class with block will make this fight much easier.

Kutum is a fight that needs control over your character as well as knowledge about his attacks. You should always have enough time to react accordingly to the situation, and those will get better over time. News Ticker. Preparation Fighting Kutum needs some preparation.World Bosses in BDO provide one of the best ways to acquire boss-gear weapons, therefore it's essential to know the what's, where's and how's of them.

Kzarka is the easiest to reach, and easiest to kill world boss in BDO. Might not be the easiest to stay alive through, but almost always the amount of people fighting Kzarka are enough to kill him in 5 minutes or less. Kzarka spawns deep inside Serendia Shrinejust a few minutes south of Heidel. Increase amity with Hakkonthe node manager of Serendia Shrine. Kzarka attacks quite a small area in front of him. Easy to avoid if you make sure to stay at his back.

Damages an area in a cone to one pillar. The area will be marked just before the AOE starts. Hide behind that one pillar or simply get out of the marked area to dodge this attack. The entire room centered on Kzarka and ending at the pillars gets covered in a deadly fog. Most people usually pay attention to when everyone runs away from Kzarka and then follow.

Small circled areas get marked and then hit by meteors. With low health and DP this attack can still potentially kill you. Easy to dodge however. This drop easily saves you million silver during the early game since buying it will cost about that much. Further he also drops hunter seals, black stones and various crystals. Karanda is the second boss discussed today.

Harder than Kzarka but easier than the other bosses she makes for a nice step up in your BDO journey. Karanda can be found on Karanda Ridge which is located north of Delphe knights castle and Calpheon. To increase this you have to gain knowledge on the harpies there and then talk to him. Close ranged standard attack. Easy to dodge as long as you stay behind her. When you catch aggro she will turn towards you with this attack.

Shriek is Karanda standard ranged attack. When you catch aggro and are out of range for her claw attack she will shriek to attack you. If you run away in a straight line it might still hit you because she shrieked before you left her range.

Hiding behind the various small obstacles at her spawn will get you in the clear as well. These harpies are not very strong but still capable of dealing damage at low amounts of DP. Try to stay with the bunch of players also at scene in order to deal with them quickly and not taking too much aggro from them yourself. A close range AoE attack which is easy to dodge once you know the animation. Karanda knocks down on the ground, jumping up in to the air immediately.

You want to make sure to get away from her asap to dodge the deadly fall of featherdaggers that follows. A long range AoE attack. Just as easy to dodge as Ascend when you pay attention.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Black Desert Online. Global Achievements. Smajl View Profile View Posts. Hello guys im pretty new to BDO, as you may know from the title i play Ninja.

My AP is 97 and my DP is Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments.

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Pudding View Profile View Posts. Nouver cuz u are using accuracy earing and belt and i am a power hungry Kutum for kama not an easy gear to obtain these are my newbie approach to the game when i was leveling, toe to toe vs everything.

Last edited by Pudding ; 26 Jan, pm. Thank you for the help! Do you still play BDO? If yes can i add you on steam or in game? Originally posted by Pudding :. And also some people told me i should use Full Grunil Armor but idk.

Cedar, Birch, etc will net you a lot of gold. Pirate is still the best place to make silver. Grunil is good if u don't have ap, it only gives 7 in full set. Havoc View Profile View Posts. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 26 Jan, am. Posts: 9. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved.Public Pastes. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Upit unlocks many cool features! Nouver is good at raw AP vs things like block or damage reduction where straight numbers matter.

The damage on this is not consistent and is more akin to burst unless you get ur accuracy from other sources. The kr musa "Nine" in the kr channel listed here runs nouver and 2 rces.

236 Tet Kutum - 8K Aakman - Archer - Info in description

White horn bow is good for combos that take use of modifiers such as down or airattacks but has the same concept of nouver. The con of this is the same as nouver. You won't be hitting a lot if u have no accuracy.

I personally dont use this offhand. Bhwb is to "maximise" your hits as in landing in as many hits as possible, arguebly what most of this discord uses to dish out damage however the con of using this is losing on AP or DP in favor of accuracy from other offhands. Cons of this offhand is losing on straight AP or DP from other offhands and is more noticeable than the first 2 listed as it is mostly accuracy that this gives.

This is a very situational offhand in my opinion as it is a counter item to evasion stackers. I rather go a different item to normal players where I can benefit more from the DP or nouver raw damage. I dont use this offhand as i personally dont believe i need this much accuracy since i have red coral earrings.

Kutum is the best offhand to go to when you are looking for an item to boost GS and is a good balanced item that gives ap and dp. Thats about it. I use this offhand the most for group pvp and for pve.

nouver vs kutum pve

I personally dont use this offhand Bhwb is to "maximise" your hits as in landing in as many hits as possible, arguebly what most of this discord uses to dish out damage however the con of using this is losing on AP or DP in favor of accuracy from other offhands.

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Be sure to catch up on the latest events like the Lauren Family Gift Event, and new content introduced with this week's patch below:. Participation Rewards are given out to all adventurers who participate in this event and the Special Rewards will be given out to the selected participants who get lucky from a draw. Find your balance. We are trying to provide the best balanced environment where all classes can compete and cooperate in harmony.

Please continue to show your feedback and we will endeavor to bring updates that would ensure the most stable surrounding for all. Stuffed head items can be obtained as loot at a chance using a Butcher Knife on the new monsters for Hunting after they are killed and you can install them in your Residence from which you can gain buff effects by interacting with them.

Fixed the issue where guild members did not auto-teleport to the fort of their guild upon start of the node war. Guild members that are located in Safe Zones or areas exclusive to the Node War are not teleported. Fixed the issue where audio would not be played upon setting volume to 0, then raising the volume again, from the game starting screen. Fixed the issue where the alert message wrongfully referred to Nouver when Karanda was disappearing due to time out.

Optimization work has been performed to improve frame in areas of Calpheon, Heidel, and Altinova. For Awakening skills with counter features, defense effect has been reapplied, and CC skill effects will not be applied in PvP. Super Armor defense effect has been added to skills that could be performed upon entry into combat. Thus, more engaging combat will be made possible. For Flow skills that are performed in combos after the preceding skills will now maintain the defense effect of the preceding skills.

However, the classes Witch and Wizard will keep the 1 skill of each element type i. Fixed the issue where Down Smash effect was not being applied properly for the skill Ultimate: Ground Smash. Number of hits has increased, and damage reduction effect will be applied during cooldown for the skill Flow: Knee Kick:.

Knockback effect on 1 hit and Bound effect on 2 hits will now only be applied in PvE for the skill Shield Assault. Tooltip description of the skill Shield Tide has been amended to correctly display the skill effects. Fixed the issue where Air Attack defense effect for the skill Violation activated by using Shards of Darkness was not being applied. Fixed the issue where the underwear would be shown in the neck area of the Sorceress when wearing the Ram Horn Witch Clothes together with certain underwear.

Transition to the Scythe has been made smoother after performing a successful hit of the skill Midnight Stinger.Remember that class guides are a rough explanation of the class, designed to give you an idea of the class and what you should be aiming for. You should really adapt the guide and follow your own instincts to match your play-style! Unlike other classes, Archer starts with their awakening weapon, which is a Greatbow and can also unlock awakening skills before level However, you will still need to complete the Awakening questline to unlock the use of the Dandelion awakening weapon.

The Archer class has lots of movement and dexterity, allowing you to kite your target and deal damage at long range distances.

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They have high attack damage but very low defenses and are considered a glass cannon class that must rely on kiting and keeping their distance until the right moment. Archer is toptier in PvE with fast clear speed since he can easily blow up entire packs with a single ability at high range. He is particularly good in Aakman because he can knock down packs and inflict down attacks.

He does have some issues with stamina however and you may find it hard to manage your stamina at first. In small scale PvP, an Archer can be good as long as you know what you are doing and play well. Large scale is where an Archer really shines though, with proper positioning you can deal a lot of damage and make a huge impact in a node war with your high target and high range knock downs.

You also have a heal which can aid your allies in the middle of a battle. Unlike all other classes, Archer starts with their awakening weapon and skills at level 1. The level 56 awakening quest line is required to unlock the use of the Dandelion weapon and yellow grade awakening weapon. Spirit Arrow [LMB]. This skill is your automatically skilled into and is your auto attack. It is a low damage skill used for regenerating your mana or gathering up monsters. Piercing Cry [LMB] after certain skills.

This skill can be used by pressing LMB after skills such as Glide. It is mostly used as a defensive skill if your opponent gets too close because it has super armor when moving and can be useful to evade CC.

This skill is a mediocre skill with low damage. It has no protection or CC and is general quite useless. Breath of the Spirit Quickslot. For example, if you want to use the Recover effect, you will use this skill on your hotbar, then press [A] to select it.

This effect will be applied to Exhale when you use the skill, until it is changed. Exhale [E]. This skill applies the effect of whichever buff you have chosen using Breath of the Spirit effects listed below.

If selected, this effect will regen MP and HP for you and your allies within your range.

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This can be very useful in node wars or other large scale PVP, as well as being a good source of sustain in PvE. If selected, this effect will give you a higher chance of stunning targets.

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This effect is most useful in large scale PVP, as well as giving you an advantage in 1v1 situations. Grace of Sylvia Passive. It is definately worth leveling up when you have enough skill points for it. Greatbow of Light [C]. Watcher [Q]. The skill has a 3 minute cooldown just like the other class awakening buffs.The debate about which one is the best among the same type of gear has been an ongoing subject since the release of Black Desert Online.

In the beginning, players were discussing which Green gear is the best, and in the present, players are discussing which Boss equipment is the best. The discussions and experiments made in search of the best gear sets has and will likely never stopped. Among all the gear, the two items that invoke the most intense debate are Nouver and Kutum. When the hidden options were revealed last year, it seemed like Kutum had finally taken the throne.

But with the recent updates regarding additional damage based on AP, Nouver is rising again and the debate has started again. Then which one is the better one in KR right now? Let us look at the history of off-hand weapons, and find out the current state of boss off-hands. When the grand desert of Valencia was added and World Boss Nouver came out, the Nouver off-hand was the one that everyone was hungry for. There were some items like Ultimate Vangertz Shield that had high Accuracy and additional Special Attack damage, but Nouver was always the final winner.

Archer Class Guide

Then, a new World Boss spawned in the west of the Valencia Desert. Kutum, the new World Boss, dropped a new boss off-hand called the Kutum off-hand and the ones who could not get a Nouver off-hand saw their chances of getting a Boss off-hand increase. But the reign of Kutum did not last long. Back then, the hidden options were not an issue at all and a majority of players preferred AP over DP.

Nobody wanted to use Kutum, which had a lower AP than Nouver. But as time went by and players ran more experiments, Kutum slowly but clearly began to threaten the reign of Nouver. More and more players ran multiple experiments and admitted that Kutum is better in PvE, and that opinion was accepted as truth.

nouver vs kutum pve

However, players could not find the reason behind this difference. But a few months later, the hidden options were revealed and players could see exactly why. Was it Accuracy that made Kutum so much stronger than Nouver? The answer finally came out when the hidden options were revealed. It turns out, that Kutum had massive additional damage against monsters.

Kutum has lower base AP than Nouver, but the high additional damage to monsters and Accuracy made it much more powerful than Nouver. Unlike Accuracy, which was actually visible in the item description, Monster Damage was completely hidden.

It has been officially proved that the datamined stats were true. After the big revelation, the demand for Kutum rapidly increased while the demand for Nouver plunged. The meta had completely shifted, and there were only a very few people who preferred Nouver over Kutum.

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Another game changer: Additional damage based on AP. However, Kutum could not stay on top forever. The update that started a new meta was the additional damage for characters with AP and AP. Plus, or over AP is impossible to reach with a Kutum off-hand. The update was big enough to shift the meta once again. As the importance of AP increased, the demand for Nouver started to rise as well. The players who had Accessories with high AP chose Nouver over Kutum for additional damage, and the players who were upgrading their gear chose Nouver as well, hoping that one day when their gear is fully set Nouver will give them the additional damage.

Nouver quickly regained its past popularity, and the Nouver off-hands that were left over at the Marketplace were sold out. Nouver is not easy to buy anymore, and is one of the items that has the highest bidding competitions. The history of ups and downs for Nouver and Kutum is now over, and both off-hands are just as popular.

One thing you should consider when choosing between the two is your total AP when wearing all of your gear. If your total AP is less than with a Nouver, than neither one will be better than the other one.


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